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6th Edition

Many times, we have wondered why countries, some islands or certain places, bear that name or are called that way. This work answers these questions by carrying out an exhaustive investigation of the origins of the different denominations that all the countries, regions and islands of the world have. Thanks to this unpublished research, the curious reader begins a journey into the past, entertaining reading, providing unsuspected facts and data.

The purpose of this work is to know the origin of the names of the countries, as well as to explain the meaning of the names of the continents, islands, and conflict zones that, at some point in their history were, or are struggling to be independent.

In each territory the usual name of each country, its formal name and the corresponding demonym are mentioned, as well as a brief history of each place with the mere objective of introducing us to its situation, especially that of ancient times.

The reading of this work is of rapid access, since it is facilitated when the countries are arranged alphabetically and in turn, grouped into continents, which allows their immediate location. The included maps make it easy to find them.

Reflexiones a la medianoche

Interview conducted by Edgardo Siancha, for cable channels.

March 24, 2004

Programa do Jô

Interview conducted by Jô Soares, for the O Globo network (Brazil).

November 9, 2006


Interview conducted by Ana Paternostro, for cable channels.

April 5, 2009

Pilot program

Curiosities of Martín García Island.


Tapa del libro en portugues

A origem dos nomes dos países

The book was translated into Portuguese by Luciano Vieira Machado and published in Brazil by Panda Books, with watercolor map illustrations by Meire de Oliveira.

Tapa del libro en portugues