Edgardo Otero was born in Buenos Aires on December 17, 1965. After graduating as an electronics technician, he attended the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos, where he finished his studies with the title of Senior Technician in Journalism, and at the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires where he received his degree as an Electronic Engineer. In addition to working in both fields, he speaks five languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian), which allows him to have a closer contact with people from other countries who speak different languages.

Books where the author collaborated

Colaboración 1

Collaboration in "Grand Prix Who's who" by Steve Small

Colaboración 2

Collaboration in "Children Of The Hemisphere" by Suzanne Hicken

Colaboración 3

Collaboration in "Diccionario de la Lengua Española" by Gargola editorial

Colaboración 4

Collaboration in the magazine "Geografia" N° 41. Main note on the continents. Published on 02/17/2012.